DIY Lovely Jellyfish Decoration For Your Home

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If you are looking for a simple and fun design for your home jellyfish design is perfect for you. The materials for this craft are easy to find and making it so easy. Let’s try and decorate your home with jellyfish decoration.

Throw the perfect ocean-themed party by creating a variety of colorful jellyfish!

1- What you’ll need?

  • 7” round paper plate.
  • Scissors.
  • 8” accordion paper lantern
  • Narrow Ribbon
  • Hot Glue
  • Crepe paper (2 colors)

2- Create the tentacles

Cut strips of crepe paper to make the tentacles and the “skirt”. Be sure to cut against the grain.

End of cuttings you will obtain these:

3) Pinch and Pull

Use your thumbs to gently fan out the edges of the crepe paper strips, creating a ruffled look.

4) Create the Body

Attach the lantern on paper plate with hot glue.

5) Attach the Tentacles

Attach the tentacles with hot glue to the bottom of the paper plate.

6) Create the “Skirt”

Fold the metal hooks down to create a flat edge. Then hot glue the 2″ crepe paper strip around the base of the body

7) Attach the Ribbon

Hot glue a piece of ribbon to the top of the jellyfish, creating a loop so that you can hang it.

8) Final!



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